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Pneumatic oil filter operation process

Operation process
1. Place the machine in a horizontal position, and lay a piece of accessory press cloth flat on the installed press cloth for slag removal.
2. Check whether the running direction of the air compressor is consistent with the direction marked on the equipment.
3. After checking, pour the crude oil from the oil inlet bucket into the crude oil barrel (the crude oil should be 1-1.5 cm lower than the air inlet of the crude oil barrel to stop the oil inlet).
4. Close the drum cover so that the drum cover and the mouth of the oil drum are all in contact with each other, and then the drum cover and the drum body are tightly stuck together with six slot cards.
5. Close all the exhaust valves, open the intake valve on the filter barrel (connected with the hose valve) and start the air compressor. When the pressure of the filter barrel reaches 0.05Mpa, close the intake valve and start filtering. Initially, the oil is turbid and can be returned for secondary filtration. When the pressure gradually drops to 0.02Mpa, open the intake valve to start the intake pressure, and close the intake valve when it reaches 0.1Mpa. Pay attention to step by step pressurization, intake valve is not normally open state. When the steam body is discharged from the oil outlet, it means that the filtration is complete. At this time, the power supply should be turned off, the air valve should be opened after the gas in the barrel is discharged.
6. When cleaning slag, the filter cloth should be paved, and the filter slag should be scraped off with a wooden or bony or bamboo scraper. After the filter cloth is used for a period of time, it should be cleaned, and the cleaned filter cloth should be dried before use, otherwise the filtration speed will be seriously affected.
7. When the air compressor is working, the air storage tank will produce water, so it is necessary to open the water relief valve of the air storage tank regularly to drain the water (once a week is recommended).

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