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Performance characteristics of oil press

1, high oil yield: the use of directional pressure, multistage propulsion, a clean press, oil yield is greatly improved.
2. Large production capacity: strengthen the feeding system, increase the speed of promotion, and effectively improve the work efficiency.
3, automatic temperature control: electronic program control, scientific heating, automatic control of press temperature.
4, automatic oil filter: the use of air negative pressure principle, vacuum shunt technology, built-in vacuum shunt, oil, slag effective separation.
5. Safety and convenience of automatic oil press: exquisite structure, less space occupied; The transmission system adopts fully enclosed protection, safe and convenient operation.
6, beautiful and generous: the machine table is made of new material electrostatic spraying, strong adhesion, oil resistance, high temperature resistance. Both beautiful and generous, and easy to clean, to ensure health.
7, durable: The use of wear-resistant steel and anti-fatigue castings scientific collocation, stable performance, to ensure that the equipment can work continuously for a long time, and durable.

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